Trump's military parade could cost up to $92 million

President Trump's military parade could cost up to three times more than initially expected.


NSFW    'MURICA — U.S. officials estimate the cost of a military parade for President Trump could be up to $92 million.

This is three times more than the original estimate by the White House, reports the Washington Post.

Officials say the Pentagon would spend around $50 million to cover the costs of aircrafts, equipment, personnel etc.

According to CNBC, the remainder $42 million would be paid for by other agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security.

The parade would also likely be pushed to 2019, instead of the original date of Nov. 10 this year.

Helicopters, fighter jets, transport aircrafts as well as historical military plane flyovers, all expect to be included in the parade.

However, the size and scope of the military parade could still shift.
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