Slovenian woman saws off hand to get insurance payout

Lady cuts off her hand in sick insurance scam


NSFW    LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA — A woman in Slovenia is being accused of deliberately losing her hand in order to claim hundreds of thousands of euros in insurance money.

According to the BBC, relatives took the 21-year-old to a hospital in January following what they claim was an accident with a circular saw while sawing branches.

But the cops weren't buying it, instead accusing the lady and her family of insurance fraud.

Police told ABC News that the woman had taken out five different insurance policies in the months leading up to her "accident" and would've gotten €400,000 or about $430,000 for her injury, with monthly payments of $3,388 for ten years.

They believe the woman, with one of her accomplices, cut off her left hand just above the wrist and deliberately didn't bring it to the hospital to ensure a permanent disability. But they were foiled when doctors called the po-po to retrieve the hand, and then sewed it back on.

The woman and a 29-year-old relative have both been detained, and could face up to 8 years in prison if convicted of insurance fraud.

But hey, at least she's got her hand back.
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