Road rage woman fails to put her car in park, so it rolls away

When your road rage gets the best of you.


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LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM — A woman who had a slight case of road rage now has a serious case of embarrassment after she was caught on video flipping out while her car had some ideas of its own.
According to the Liverpool Echo, truck driver Scott Mccready was out driving his truck with a friend last Friday when they had a bit of a run in with a road rager.
According to Mccready, the woman apparently got heated when he turned his truck onto a smaller side road.
Video shows the woman driving a black Vauxhall drive onto the sidewalk in order to pass the truck.
She then stops in the middle of the street and then gets out to come back and yell at Mccready.

He hilariously interrupts her by saying, "put your handbrake on love."
The road ragers turns around to see her car rolling down the street, so she runs after it and finally puts it in park.
She then comes back to yell at Mccready, but by that time, the joke was already clearly on her.
Luckily, no one was hurt in the bone headed incident. Well, the woman's ego definitely took a hit or two.

Remember people, if you're going to road rage, at least road rage responsibly.
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