Pocket lab can diagnose an infection in four minutes

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NSFW    WARSAW, POLAND — EuroNews reports that a Polish startup has created a mini-lab prototype that can quickly and accurately diagnose infections.

SensDx is a pocket-sized diagnostic tool that can determine whether an infection is caused by a bacterium, virus, or fungi, in just four minutes.

The device is able to detect sensitive bacteria such as streptococcus pyogenes and haemophilus influenzae, both of which can cause inflammation in the throat.

Once a DNA swab is taken from a patient, it's placed in a special buffer with solution and dropped onto the SensDx electrode.

A detailed analysis of the infection will then appear on a connected mobile device, laptop, or desktop.

According to SensDx's CEO, the device will initially be available only to medical consultation centers for about 100 euros.

After two years, it can be given to patients, with data being transferred from home to the doctor's office.

According to EuroNews, SensDx has also developed diagnostic kits for animals, which will be similar to the human test kits, but will detect different pathogens.
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