Kissing couple plunge to their deaths from bridge in Peru

The couple dropped 50 feet from the bridge.


NSFW    CUSCO, PERU — A couple in Peru is sadly no longer around after toppling over a bridge while kissing.
According to local reports, the incident occurred around 1 a.m. on Saturday, August 3.
According to news outlet Panamerica, 34-year-old Maybeth Espinoza and 36-year-old Hector Vidal were on their way home from a club when they stopped for a passionate embrace on Bethlehem Bridge.
Panamerica reported the couple were climbers who had moved to the region to work as tour guides.
CCTV footage released by Canal N captured the moment Espinoza was sitting on top of the bridge railing and she loses her balance.
She can be seen trying to wrap her legs around Vidal as he attempts to pull her back.

Unfortunately, both end up falling over the railings off the bridge and dropping down 50 feet below.
Local reports say both were still alive when emergency crews arrived on scene. Both were immediately rushed to the hospital, but Espinoza passed away while in the ambulance, and Vidal while at the hospital.

Authorities say the incident was investigated, however it's unclear if it is still ongoing.
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