Israeli scientists produce the world's first 3D-printed heart

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have successfully printed the 3D heart with blood vessels and heart chambers.


NSFW    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Researchers at Tel Aviv University have produced a heart using 3D printing technology and human tissue, according to a study published in the journal Advanced Science.

The scientists first took a fat sample from a participant and then separated it into cellular and non-cellular materials.

The researchers then took the cellular material and turned them into stem cells. This would eventually become heart cells. They also took the non-cellular material and converted it into a hydrogel.

The cells and the hydrogel were used to create heart patches complete with blood vessels and heart chambers, according to CNN.

The researchers then used a 3D bioprinter to build the 3D heart layer by layer.

In a news release by Tel Aviv University, Professor Tal Dvir, who was involved with the study, said that the 3D heart is small and is only the size of a rabbit's heart.

The 3D heart is able to contract however, it currently does not have the ability to pump, according to the study.
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