Hong Kong airport cancels flights as thousands peacefully protest

The airport axed all departures after 6 p.m. on Monday because of protests.


NSFW    HONG KONG — Hong Kong International Airport axed all departures on Monday because of thousands of peaceful anti-government protesters.
According to the BBC, many in attendance were protesting police brutality. Chinese authorities on Sunday were filmed firing tear gas and non-lethal ammunition at super close range indoors.
In a Monday afternoon statement, Hong Kong's Airport Authority said they were canceling all flights that were not yet checked in.

The BBC reported that over 160 flights scheduled to leave after 6 p.m. local time on Monday faced the chopping block.
According to the BBC, officials said arrivals that were already on their way to Hong Kong would still be cleared to land, but other scheduled flights had to be canceled.
Hong Kong police—with the blessing of Beijing no doubt—have increased their use of non-lethal bullets and tear gas.
Several videos posted to social media on Sunday show Hong Kong police dressed in riot gear storming enclosed railway stations firing tear gas.

Footage from another station shows officers firing non-lethal rounds at point blank range and mobs of police beating people with batons.

How much longer will the protests continue before Beijing sends a bloodier message? Either way, Hong Kong will continue to stand strong.
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