Harmful chemicals found in disposable diapers in France

Some of the chemicals found in the diapers are reportedly banned in the European Union.


NSFW    FRANCE — An investigative report has found traces of harmful chemicals in disposable baby diapers in France.

A total of 23 different samples of diapers sold between 2016 and 2018 in France were tested by researchers for toxic chemicals, according to the Safety in Baby Nappies report.

As many as 60 different chemicals such as glyphosate, dioxins and PCB-126 were found in the diapers, according to Chemical Watch.

Some of these chemicals are banned in the European Union, according to the Guardian.

Anses, the French Agency for food, environmental and occupational health and safety, is cited by the Guardian as saying some chemicals, such as perfume, were purposefully added to the diapers.

The report did not specify which diaper brands were found to be have toxic chemicals.

Diaper manufacturers were quick to react to the report with Pampers saying their diapers are "safe and always have been."

Joone responded by saying the report is alarming and explained that the company had previously published toxicology analysis for its products.

Reuters quotes French health Minister Agnes Buzyn, as saying there is "no immediate, serious risk for the health of the child, but it is paramount to take precautions."

French Environment Minister Francois de Rugy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire issued a joint statement urging manufacturers to come up with a plan to remove the toxic chemicals from the diapers in the next 15 days, Reuters reports.
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