Green And Beautiful: Hong Kong's Eco-Friendly Office Tower

The 36-story tower's energy-efficient design has already earned the building L.E.E.D. Platinum pre-certification


NSFW    HONG KONG, CHINA — Hong Kong's fascinating Central Island is about to get one of the world's greenest and most captivating tower buildings to add to its collection of skyscrapers.

The new project has already broken ground and will stand at 2 Murray Road, in the heart of the central island's central business district.

The 36-story tower was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and its energy-efficient design has already earned the building L.E.E.D. Platinum and W.E.L.L. Platinum pre-certification, as well as the highest 3-Star rating of China's Green Building Rating Program.

Inspired by the layered structure of a Bauhinia bud — the flower from the Bauhinia blakeana orchid tree featured on Hong Kong's flag — the glass skyscraper features a curved glass facade that will stand out from its more traditional boxy neighbors.

The insulated glazing that wraps the building can withstand the region's powerful summer typhoons while reducing the cooling load of the building.

The office tower has direct access to adjacent public gardens and parks, and its base is elevated to create a sheltered courtyard of covered parks that link with surrounding parks and gardens.
The surrounding nature is hereby invited inside as the natural outdoor areas flow into the generous communal spaces of the interior.

The building's smart air quality monitoring system is one of several smart systems designed to reduce electricity demand. Smart chiller plant optimization, high-efficiency HVAC equipment and daylight sensors, for instance, will achieve a 26% reduction in energy demand.
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