France's Notre Dame Cathedral to be rebuilt in the coming years

French president Emmmanual Macron has assured the public that the damaged cathedral will be rebuilt and restored.


NSFW    PARIS — French president Emmanual Macron has said he wants the Notre Dame Cathedral to be rebuilt within five years, according to the Washington Post.

Notre Dame's roof and spire as well as 13,000 beams in the church's ceiling were destroyed in a massive fire on Monday.

Dr. Emily Guerry, a lecturer of Medieval European History at a British University, told CBS News that these were made of ancient oak and would require around 3000 trees to replace them.

She explained that it is now rare to find oak forests across Europe due to deforestation, adding that they might still be found in the Baltic.

A temporary roof will need to be installed onto the cathedral to avoid further damage to its interior, the Washington Post reports.

The stone exterior may also need to be significantly repaired or replaced, CBS News reports. The limestone used originally was sourced from Normandy in the 12th Century.

Some of the stained glass windows remained intact while the fire had melted others. These would also need to be reconstructed by glaziers.

For now, investigators are assessing the extent of the damage caused by the fire. According to the Washington Post, this itself could take more than a year. The exact cause of the fire remains unknown.
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