Daredevil dies trying to parachute from 150 foot chimney in Spain

Ruben Carbonell died when his parachute failed to open.


NSFW    ALICANTE, SPAIN — A daredevil who had the bright idea to sneak into a factory during the middle of the night to jump off a 150ft chimney is no longer around after his parachute failed to open.
According to the Sun, 29-year-old Ruben Carbonell and a friend apparently hopped a fence to get into the Cemex cement factory in hopes of making a smash hit video for social media.
The Sun reports that once the two were inside, they both climbed to the top of a chimney.
According to LadBible, Carbonell lept from the chimney first, but unfortunately his parachute didn't open and he plummeted to the ground.
His friend immediately called emergency services, but it was clearly too late.

According to Metro UK, Cemex confirmed that neither Carbonell or his friend had permission to be in the factory.

Authorities are now investigating how the two were able to get in and to the top of the chimney. They're also looking into why Carbonell's chute didn't open.
Carbonell was a fan of extreme sports and enjoyed sharing videos of him jumping from bridges and paragliding. Friends and fans visited his fan pages to pay their respects and say their goodbyes.
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