Chinese university bans female students from wearing skirts

The school might as well just slap some Mao suits on all the students.


NSFW    JILIN, CHINA — Short skirts, nail polish, flip flops, and tank tops have all been banned from a Chinese university in China's Jilin province, according to

All women studying at the International Business School of Jilin International Studies University, are now forbidden from wearing miniskirts, jewelry, sporting sleeveless tops, and even dying their hair.

It's not just the ladies though, the gentlemen are banned from entering classrooms wearing flip flops, if they do, they will get points deducted from their 'moral education points', which we guess is the academic version of social credit points. The school claims that these measures are being taken to guarantee that the school is a, quote, 'civilized and cultured' institution, whatever that means.

According to Global Times, netizens have taken issue with the lack of freedom of choice claiming that university students are adults and should be able to pick their outfits.

But are we really surprised that a Chinese institution is doing this? I mean, we are talking about the same country that's forcing people to install cameras in their living rooms. The school might as well just slap some Mao suits on all the students.
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