China to boycott Taiwan's Oscars

Beijing has announced it will boycott Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards in November.


NSFW    TAIPEI — Beijing will be boycotting Taiwan's answer to the Oscars in its latest attempt to rain on the island nation's parade.

According to the South China Morning Post, China's film regulator announced Wednesday that Mainland movies, directors, and stars won't be participating in this November's Golden Horse Awards in Taipei.

While no reason was provided, it doesn't take a genius to figure out China is hijacking the culture and the arts as a way to throw a massive tantrum.

Beijing was likely still butthurt from last year's ceremony, when Taiwanese director Fu Yue took to the stage for her acceptance speech and expressed hope that Taiwan would one day be recognized as an independent country.

The Taiwanese weren't terribly fazed by news of the boycott.

Democratic Progressive Party legislator Karen Yu said she's grateful China had willingly withdrawn. At least now, the Taiwanese and other Chinese folk not from the Mainland can enjoy the festivities without having to tiptoe around the large red elephant in the room.

And China being China, they'll probably be trying to come up with their own Golden Horse knockoff. Golden Panda Film Awards, anyone?
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