China hotel offers nasty hot pot hot springs



NSFW    HANGZHOU, CHINA — Apparently a new trend that will probably make you give up food all together is sweeping across some parts of China—hot pot-esque hot springs.
According to the Lonely Planet, guests staying at the First World Hotel in Hangzhou can have a dip in one of the hotel's hot springs that's been made to look like a human-sized hot pot.
The human hot pot is split up into nine different squares, each filled with a different ingredient.
The guests are then invited to strip down and hop into the broth. They are then treated to some lame skewers to nibble on and drinks. Seems like a whole lot of work to just eat some skewers.
Apparently, the hotel thinks human hot pots somehow promote a healthy lifestyle.
What better way to promote a healthy lifestyle then by wasting food people won't eat by bathing in it in a country that has 1.3 billion people—genius.
Well—it is the year of the pig.
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